Musical Director - Marianna Freeman

Pianist - (Vacancy)

Chairman - Michael Hollick

Treasurer - Hellen Phillimore

Quorum singers would of course be nowhere without huge support and organisation from some very important people. Our ever-enthusiastic musical director, Marianna Freeman, keeps the energy high during rehearsals, guiding the choir through brand new, as well as well-trodden, pieces. In 2018, our accompanist and pianist, Malcom, retired after 10 years supporting Quorum, and retaining an uncomplaining and determined air, whilst he encouraged sections to sing in the right key! Behind the scenes, though in no way less important, Hellen and Michael keep the choir in check, ensuring we have concerts to work towards, locations to rehearse, and a reputation to uphold!

Saturday 15th December 2018
Annual Christmas concert filled with traditional songs and carols.
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